• Rhiannon Naomi

Patience, Patience, Patients

It’s been a while since I wrote a new blog, and I’m not entirely sure where I’ve been. Along with the pandemic and lockdown came a shift in perceptions, especially the passing of time. ‘Flow’ is subject to new constraints. Our movements are being staggered and slowed as we queue to enter a shop, and as we approach the counter to pay. Our communications have become curtailed and occasionally cryptic as we hide our smiling and talking apparatus behind materials. Thank goodness for ears. Plans to go here or go there are short and unassuming. So many normalities are on-hold. But I have taken-up a new norm in the form of research on plasma and viscosity. This new and curious field of knowledge happens to be relevant to Covid-19 patients. Those patients who find themselves critically ill, will have blood plasma in their veins (like the rest of us), which can be analysed as an indicator of how serious their symptoms will get, and what treatment they will need. I have come to understand that the higher the viscosity of their plasma, the more inflammation there is, and the sicker they’ll become. It sounds simple and straightforward, but as with the flow of life under the occupation of humankind by SARS-Cov-2, plasma viscosity testing is slow to be embraced by healthcare professionals. Deep breath in…hold…deep breath out. Patience, patience, patients.

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