• Rhiannon Naomi

The Ride of Your Life

The un-travelled journey, the twists and turns that throw you one way and then the other, the unfamiliar views, new perspectives and the dips, the fast and the slow, and the no-getting-off until it comes to an end. The first full cycle is experienced through naivety and once you’re strapped in, all you can do as a passenger is go with the flow without resistance, helpless to change much at all, even your movements, or control your facial expressions. There's a sense of dread and a knot in your stomach, your heart races a little. It becomes a bad hair day and you you've lost your sense of direction, disorientated.

You’ve survived the first time around, which might bring some relief, and then you are faced with the second time, the same climb to the drop, and the fall towards another twist and turn, this time perhaps with less naivety, a little more knowledge and have learned how to hold yourself, breathe and relax. Is it less frightening than the first time around? Or does the knowing-what’s-coming bring heightened fear and anticipation? You wonder “How long will it last, and will I feel the same when I climb off as I did before I climbed on?” You stepped forward and went willingly, and you weren’t alone on the Rollercoaster, but your experience was unique, as was each other person’s on the ride. As your feet return to the ground, your friends ask “would you do it again?”, and you probably reply "no way!" And yet, here you are getting your head around another turn, using mind over matter, mind over matter, mind over matter...

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