• Rhiannon Naomi



Have you ever wished you could switch off your brain just for a while, and pause the whirl of thoughts about dilemmas you feel you need to make decisions on? Until March of this year this was certainly me, a mental habit of a lifetime. “What should I be doing about this and that…” Almost all of these dilemmas are rendered irrelevant for the time being, and ‘being’ is almost all I can be ‘doing’. With my hands tied so to speak, and this habit headed off at every pass, I have waved the white flag and surrendered. I have to admit that it has brought me some respite as I am incapacitated and without the power to change anything. Crisis brings opportunity, doesn’t it? Now I am on standby waiting and hoping for new inspiration as lockdown-release looms tentatively on the horizon. Something tells me that the landscape beyond the horizon is going to look different than before. There will be physical changes and perceived changes in the big picture.

Time has become fluid and morphable, this is my perception and new understanding. The names of the days of the week have little purpose and the only exception is Sunday evenings commitment to put my recycling ready for collection on Monday morning. “What day is it” he asks. “It’s today” I reply.

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