• Rhiannon Naomi

When the World stood still to catch its breath.

Updated: May 2, 2020

A Philosophical view of Global Lockdown in 2020 from a little town in Wales, UK:

Where was I....before today that is? For ‘today’ is what has come to matter most, just as we have been encouraged to believe. Living in the present, adjusting our mental focus away from time and outcome in order to achieve the extraordinary. Just as The Dolphin Man Jacques Mayol (1 April 1927 – 22 December 2001) triumphed as he broke records for free-diving and defied beliefs surrounding the limits of humankind in its adaptability for life underwater. His diving philosophy was to reach a state of mind based on relaxation and yoga breathing. There is irony in the tables having turned on humankind as it struggles to breathe without technological intervention, while the natural world breathes with air which is fresher and cleaner than it has been for several decades; and all because of a pandemic, a microscopic, invisible virus which has led to a grand retreat into lockdown, and ‘forced’ relaxation, making time and outcome somewhat irrelevant, for now. Now, where was I?

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